About Us - Alie's Story

Hello Fluffy Family!  

So…. Full disclosure. 

Prior to this Fluffy Clean, LLC I had no previous experience in cleaning, other than my mom’s advice and YouTube. 

But…  first… I suppose… here is a little about me… (Niki made me )

I graduated from Lakewood High in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I became a military spouse at the very young age of 18 years old.  With constant relocation, I would lose a batch of credits and therefore it took me over 10 years to graduate from college. But I was proud to support my husband’s service for our country!

I worked in fashion for a Russian designer … I had several stores in Hawaii… I sold insurance, did accounting for several businesses as well as two prominent construction companies. The accounting led me to an arena I am quite proud of… I worked for the government doing taxes for soldiers.   

Before my amazing husband Travis and I started having children, it was… school and work.  My husband has completed 5 deployments and it certainly left me a bit alone. He had additional offers to try and be home with me, and gave me unconditional support to follow my career and dreams but I couldn’t … and knew it wasn’t right for me to be away from him.  

I was on a vacation in Venezuela visiting family and was given a gift… Fluffy.  My Uncle gave me this precious puppy that while my husband served our country, and I worked wherever we went … I am a tough relentless workaholic (Niki put that part in ) so I was so happy to come home to snuggles with Fluffy.  He was my little buddy and at times, the only family I had.  

When we moved to Statesboro, I started a cleaning service.  I wanted to have the best of the best in my crew… I wanted clients to feel like they had the highest caliber and timely service possible.  

The business flourished and a client… Niki… and I became friends (as well as neighbors ).  We talked business and different ideas…. Along with many of my clients (Niki made me include this part #selfbrag) we got the most enthusiastic response from her and her family and friends.  

We got together… put pen to paper… and created something I think is amazing.   

I am really proud to have this product available to so many of you who have been a part of our business for some time now... And I am so humbled by everyone’s response to it…  

Thank you!