About Us - Niki's Story

Hi there!  So... I will spare you the "detailed details" of my life and career prior to all things Fluffelle...  But I certainly couldn't share anything going forward without making it known that by day (and well yes also by night) I am a dedicated and proud State Farm Agent in Statesboro, GA!  Our office opened in 2009 and we have been so proud to provide exceptional service to our policyholders and hopefully our community as a whole along the way.  I love the insurance business and I have the greatest employees and I genuinely believe we make an unbelievable team!  And ... that's my real job. 

Then I met my friend Alie...  more to come on that...  :)

I was born and raised in Melbourne, FL - An amazing place to grow up... I got the benefit of beach town life (my junior high school was a stone's throw from the Atlantic... we used to run sprints for basketball and volleyball in the sand during practice... yeah... maybe a few turned ankles.. but... whatever)

And... just a mile or so to the west... we had the southern/country side of living... My Mom was born and raised in Statesboro (I ALWAYS boast about how she was Miss Georgia Southern College in 1969-she cringes every time I do... she's too humble). So I spent QUITE a bit of my childhood visiting Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts/Uncles and cousins... here in Statesboro.  I bought my Senior prom dress at Frills by Scott (Formally Frills and Fancies) in 1995.

After college graduation, I moved to New Orleans for an awesome career opportunity - I met and fell in love with the most amazing group of friends... and soon after met my hero and gorgeous husband Mark.  We have two wild child boys 6 and 8 years old... so.. all this combined... yup... makes perfect sense to start a new venture!   (insert self eye-roll. :))

I digress... 

 ... so now...  my Fluffelle story begins about a year ago in 2019...I was on the struggle bus managing... well just all things family/life/business/etc...  And was fortunate to find Alie's cleaning service online and they came and saved the day... the week.. the month... ...I think you get the point.  Unbelievable... The level of service cannot possibly be explained... only experienced.  I cannot say this enough... everyone and anyone who set foot in the house commented on the amazing scent in the air - "What is that?"  "Where can I buy it?"

I was also building a new home at the time (hence the struggle bus). Throughout the building process, Alie had her crew come occasionally to do some cleaning at the "construction site."  And even amongst dust and all things...  well... construction... the massive amount of folks coming and going continued to comment on this clean fresh scent.  There was little doubt that this was loved by those within proximity of it while Alie's service was provided... family, friends and well... most everyone I spoke to about or shared this with.  

It was a match made in heaven.  

Alie rescued me with her unbelievable crew and the work they did to help get what we needed done at home... that I was simply spread too thin to handle at the level I wanted to at the time.  

And then..  we had to talk..  and we talked... and we talked...  businesswoman to businesswoman...  Ying to Yang... where she was strong I was weak and where she was weak I was strong!  I knew I could help bring this amazingness to all of you!  Alie agreed. The partnership was formed. 

Now... the amazing Signature Scent she created and has used for years, has transformed finally into a product available to the masses.  I personally am so PROUD.. I am grateful and I feel truly blessed to have Alie and her family and friends in our lives...  and what a lucky girl I am to be able to partner with her and create this product line and share with you!!!  Thank you for being a part of the Fluffy family!!  

*see Alie's Story for more on Fluffy :) 

The husband.  :)