What Makes Us Different

All of our products are produced locally.  We do have to purchase some packaging supplies but have only purchased from suppliers in the US!  Our sprays, our candles and soaps are all are made LOCAL!  Even 99% of the web and product/label design was done here in Statesboro, Georgia!  

As mentioned we are still working with the EPA, but we are in a time that having anything that you love how it smells also provide disinfecting capabilities is SO refreshing right now!!!

We don't knock other products but we love that ours is a spray and not aerosol.  And only contains 3 products!  (4 if you count the fact that there are 2 oils).

However, what truly makes us different is that we are no different than you!  We are 2 women that found something we absolutely love as well as so many friends and family!

Shopping small and local is so key for us all right now, give us a shot!